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Permit Status Information


The permit is active and has been paid for. Work on this project can begin and inspections can be requested.


The permit has been started but is missing an attachment from another department. Work on this project cannot begin.


All requirements and inspections for the permit have been completed and no further action is needed.


The permit was determined to be invalid or no longer required. Permits can be voided administratively or requests to void can be made (online or to the front counter).


"A-status" – When a permit is inactive (no inspections) for 180 days, the permit will be closed administratively. The permit was started but never received a final inspection. The permit will need to be re-opened to continue inspections (fees may apply). This can be done online (within the first year) or by contacting a permit technician at 719-327-2880. All permits must have a final inspection to be completed. This status will prevent any contractor license renewal.

Admin-Closed (Renewed)

Fees for an administratively closed permit have been paid. Until an inspection request is made and results entered, which will fully re-open the permit, this status will prevent any contractor license renewal.


There is a problem with the permit or work related to the permit and PPRBD has suspended the permit from further work or inspections until the problem is resolved. To resolve, please contact a permit technician 719-327-2880.